Register and Pay

So lets get you signed up for an event/h2> For the moment we are using paypal to handle our payments. To summarize:
  1. You pick the right button for the length of event or size of package you want (while costs are rising slowly but inexorably we have folded in most of our discounts into the standard prices.)
  2. click on the button.
  3. If you are picking a bundle send a note using the pre-reg form or via email to logistics[AT]kaurath[DOT]com) about who is part of the group.
  4. Visit LARPortal to register for the event and then update and print out your character -- our Game name is Kaurath

All the details are below.

  • All event fees cover the availability of meals on site. Please note any food allergies or limitations in the your Pre-Registration form.

  • Pre-Pay Deadline is at least one week before the event to help cover at event food and camp fees.

  • Note: We are discounting our first Event for all players. Players new to Kaurath get a special 50% discount on their first two events.
  • Recruiting a new PC is worth 1 CP for their first full priced event.
  • NPCs play free -- go direct to registration.
  • Recruiting new NPC is worth 1 CP on second event, 1/2 CP for each of next 2 events.
  • Recruiting a Full season NPC is worth 2 CP, this stacks with above.
Non-Protagonist Characters
  • NPCs play for free.
  • NPCs get food, beds, and earn CP for the event.
  • NPCs Earn bonus rewards for writing plot, committing to NPC a full season, recruiting NPCs.
  • NPCs who do not need CP or other time credit rewards cn trade them in for other related rewards, gear, Intercon memberships, etc.
  • NPCs who play at Kaurath recieve in game rewards like a player and can take a shift to play their PC.
  • Visit LARPortal to register for the event and then update and print out your character -- our Game name is Kaurath
Full Weekend Event
When are you paying
One Day Event Or One Day of a Full Weekend
When are you paying
New Players, Merchants, Children not yet Combat Cleared, NPCs
  • New players pay half price for their first two events. Register using the 1 Day rate table for a Full weekend event
  • Merchants who are selling more than player or support plots or the game directly also register the 1 Day rate for a Full Weekend event.
  • Children who are playing full characters and are participating in combat count as normal players.
  • Children who are not ready to participate in combat must wear a glowing blue headband, avoid combat.
    The first child accompaning a parent is free as the parent must be spending time paying attention to them.
    Each subsequent child pays half price, or each pair of children pay as one adult, covering the added costs.
    Babes in Arms are not counted. All children must be actively supervised by a parent or guardian.