Kaurath... a land of rich history and bloody battles, where Bards and Kings walk alongside Peasants, where Elementals hold no sway, but one should always carry a bit of bread or honey for the Fae. Under the rule of the High King, this is a land steeped in tradition with a long history. Come, join us and become a part of the ever-growing tapestry making up tomorrow's history.

Our Upcoming Event

While most of our next events are a full weekend this will be a one day event held Saturday July 21st at Camp Cedarcrest in Orange, CT (northwest of New Haven, CT).

To register click here and follow the instructions.


Almost all of our events take place at Camp Cedarcrest, 886 Mapledale Rd, Orange, CT 06477, about ten minutes west of New Haven, Connecticut, just off exit 57 on the Merritt Parkway. More details are in the individual event announcements and on our Facebook page.

The Intercon S event takes place at Intercon S (q.v.)


Our events usually last the weekend; the site opens for Players at 6pm Friday and closes at 5pm Sunday. The event include food (from Late Friday through Brunch Sunday) plus bunk-bed style cabins or tenting space for all who attend, both players and staff.

Our events are free for brand New Players and for Non-Player Characters, and cost up to $120 for a full weekend event, with a number of discounts for everything from preregistering and for prepaying to being a student.

We also offer NPC exchanges: giving you CP with various other LARPs if you NPC for us or vica versa (blankets here for NPCing there.)

For full pricing details see our Event page at the tab above.

Give the gift of LARPing

Give a friend (or yourself) a season pass to Kaurath -- all out events this year at a discount:

The Season Pass is heavilly discounted over the regular at the door or pre-registration price.

If you are a Student, Military, LARP Staff, or do NPC shifts at every event you can choose the extra Special Discount and will get one third off the regular prices and

You also lock in a discount for all five events in 2018 and the Intercon event in 2019:

If you buy more than one Season Pass you can use the lowest price of any for all the rest. So give a Gift to a student and get the student discount on your own Pass as well.

Season Pass Gift Certificate

In the PayPal notes section list for whom this gift is intended or if you need a gift certificate or card.

If you give this to a new player for that same price they get

As the gifter you get: