NPC one game and get credit at another

When you NPC at one chapter your character here advances so they can play in a later event at that chapter or at another. Many folks NPC at one or two chapters and play at one or two others to enjoy all sides of the game and keep their costs down while still playing. As a regular NOC at a chapter the Plot Team can write recurring characters for you more easily and some of the best NPC characters, friends or villians, keep returning.

But while this game itself has chapters around the US and elsewhere inthe wiorld it is also part of the larger LARP hobby world. In our Region, Northeastern US, there are many LARPs. And all of them need all the NCs they can get.

We have arrange with a number of interesting games near here to exchange NPC credit. Thus if you NPC for us you can ask Logistics to send them the blankets you year here as credit towards your PC at that game. Similarly if you NPC for one of those games you can have them contact us and credit your character here with Blankets and other rewards as if you had spent the same numbers of days NPCing for us.

Some of the game we exchange NPC-days with are: